• BCG perspectives on industry trends, opportunities and best practices

    BCG perspectives on industry trends, opportunities and best practices

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BCG to be Featured Presenter on Columbia Threadneedle Workshop for Retirement-Focused Advisors

Tuesday, September 28 | 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. ET

Defined Benefit Opportunities for DC-Focused Advisors – How to Engage with Your Clients’ CFOs on Pension De-Risking. Join this workshop to hear from BCG Pension Risk Consultants I BCG Penbridge about the importance of de-risking defined benefit (DB) plans and why you should be talking to your clients about these opportunities. This workshop is eligible for 1 hour of CE credit: CFP/ IWI-CIMA / CRPC / CRPS / CPE / CKP. Register for event here.

Recent Past

BCG to be Featured Presenter for PLANSPONSOR Plan Progress Webinar Series

Thursday, September 16 | 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. ET

Considerations for Pension Risk Transfer. Pension risk transfer (PRT) activity has been increasing year over year, although it slowed somewhat during the COVID-19 pandemic. PRT can be an effective tool for plan sponsors to reduce risk and eliminate some liabilities, but it should be done in a cost-effective way.

Join PLANSPONSOR and industry experts for a webinar in which you will learn: Considerations for whether to transfer pension risk and when; What data and funding to have in place before implementing a PRT; and Steps that need to be taken by plan sponsors to implement a PRT.

Defined Benefit Webinar – Taking Control of Your Credit Union Pension Plan

July 2021

Managing defined benefit pension plan cost and risk is a challenging task for many plan sponsors. To successfully manage a pension plan, a plan sponsor must have the right knowledge and advisor/solution providers to successfully navigate each plan stage, from open, ongoing plans to those in the final stages of termination. Focusing on 3 topics -- liability driven investing, pension plan accounting and plan cost analysis -- BCG’s team of defined benefit plan experts will present in this one-hour webinar the key information every credit union plan sponsor should know, as well as a short case study to examine recent client situations they addressed.

To request a complimentary BCG DB Expense Benchmarks Report for your credit union pension plan, please register here.

BCG Participates in Pension Group East Webinar

June 2021

Steve Keating from BCG Pension Risk Consultants I BCG Penbridge (“BCG”) was among a group of experts who presented at the Pension Group East June 2021 webcast meeting. As part of the sole session addressing pension risk transfer, Steve provided an update on the current state of the US pension risk transfer market, specifically as it relates to three factors that are currently contributing to exceptional PRT annuity pricing. A summary of Steve’s presentation is available in BCG’s recently released paper: Pension Risk Transfer Annuity Placement Pricing is Better Than Ever – Will it Last? To request a copy of the paper, click here.

BCG Participates in Citi European Life Insurance Research Webinar on U.S. Pension Risk Transfer Market Trends

December 2020

Steve Keating from BCG Pension Risk Consultants I BCG Penbridge (“BCG”) and Andy Wilkinson from OneAmerica discussed developing trends in the U.S. Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) market, a market with ~$3.4 trillion of pension liabilities of which only ~5% have been transferred to insurers through annuity placements. Webinar attendees were equity investors in U.S. life insurance companies. Topics included market size and trends, participating insurers, key success factors, competitive landscape, transaction preferences as well as pricing dynamics and a Q&A session.