Customized Buyout Price Monitoring

  • Customized Buyout Price Monitoring (“CBPM”) builds upon the analysis done for The BCG PRT Index by offering similar measurements customized to reflect the characteristics of a specific DB plan.
  • CBPM empowers plan sponsors and advisors to continually measure the “Exit Liability” of a specific DB pension plan via comprehensive monthly monitoring.
  • CBPM is delivered via an interactive client portal that allows for the lump sum utilization rate to be modelled for various plan participant groupings (e.g. actives, terminated vesteds, retirees).
  • Similar to The BCG PRT Index, CBPM reflects changes in the participating insurance providers’ annuity pricing from month to month, however CBPM is specific to the characteristics and features of a specific plan, reflecting participant data as reported by the plan sponsor (generally annually).

Participating Insurance Providers

Mutual of Omahal
Pacific Life
Western & Southern Financial Group

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