• Bridging the Pension Gap

    Bridging the Pension Gap

Bridging the Pension Gap

Whether you’re a plan sponsor looking to manage your pension cost and risk or an advisor advocating on behalf of a plan sponsor, BCG understands the unique challenges that shape and impact your decisions as a plan sponsor and/or plan fiduciary. As a market leader in defined benefit pension risk consulting, our job is to provide you with independent, unbiased information and analysis, so that you are able to make informed decisions.

For over three decades, we have supported organizations like yours through services such as plan expense/service benchmarking, pension risk consulting and comprehensive implementation support. Because we have no vested interest in unnecessarily prolonging the existence of your defined benefit plan, we are a pure advocate for your best interest only.

We have helped more than 2,500 organizations achieve their pension de-risking goals. We clear the path and address obstacles you can see and those you don’t yet have view of. Our company tagline is Bridging the Pension Gap. To us this means:

Bridging the Governance Gap

BCG’s independence, impartial analysis and extensive knowledge of defined benefit plans enables sponsors to make balanced, well-informed decisions.

Bridging the Information Gap

BCG’s consulting services and proprietary data provide plan sponsors with what they need to know across all key facets of ongoing plan management, de-risking and pension risk transfer.

Bridging the Implementation Gap

In the context of plan sponsor objectives and current plan profile, BCG objectively assesses the full spectrum of pension de-risking strategies, cost savings opportunities and potential process/financial impact to help sponsors implement tailored solutions.

Fun Fact: The bridge above and on BCG’s home page is the Georgia Street Bridge in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA. We chose this bridge because it clearly denotes a gap. This resonates with us at BCG as we see ourselves as helping our clients bridge their pension gap!