How We Work Together

The $3 Trillion Opportunity

Boost revenue and expand your business while helping to solve your clients’ defined benefit (DB) pension plan needs.

Pension de-risking offers additional opportunities for advisors. In fact, assets in DB plans were $3.2 trillion at the end of December 2023 (Source: Investment Company Institute). Yet today, many advisors ignore this lucrative business.

BCG Pension Risk Consultants | BCG Penbridge (BCG) can help you tap into this underserved market and grow your business by conducting a comprehensive review of a DB plan’s major plan management categories – Plan Design, Plan Funding, Asset Management and Liability Management. We’ve helped create millions in new revenue for advisors who’ve partnered with us.

The BCG Difference

At BCG, we bring a totally unique and unmatched offering to the advisor channel. We help advisors win and/or retain business by objectively evaluating and implementing cost management and de-risking solutions for defined benefit plans.

These solutions include liability driven investing approaches, customized buyout price monitoring, purchasing annuities for retirees and/or pursuing full risk transfer through plan termination, as well as the strategic positioning of plan design & structure for optimal attractiveness to eventual annuity providers.

We work with advisors to help them bring to their prospects and clients a clear, customized path to their DB plan’s endgame.

Partnering with BCG can help:

  • Solve your client’s DB plan challenges
  • Strengthen your client relationships
  • Increase your revenue

At BCG, we understand that your prospects and clients are just that – yours

  • BCG operates as an extension of your team, providing you expertise and resources

You and the plan sponsor

BCG will work with you and the plan sponsor to create and implement a manageable, step-by-step process for managing pension cost and risk. Working through advisors, over the past five years, we’ve reduced plan sponsors’ pension risk and balance sheet impact by over $3.7 billion.

How we help you engage with plan sponsors

Your plan sponsor prospects and clients shouldn’t have any surprises when it comes to their DB plan and its impact on their business. We’ll work collaboratively with you to:

  • Conduct a PRT feasibility analysis;
  • Review liability hedging strategy;
  • Initiate customized buyout price monitoring;
  • Consider disposal of alternative assets (if any);
  • Prepare for cash or AIK transfer; and
  • Take action when right conditions are met!

Getting Started

To start a conversation with BCG simply request an initial plan assessment. An initial assessment allows us to share with you, the advisor, a one-page executive summary that covers our key plan observations, a plan’s current pension de-risking profile and steps the plan sponsor can now to reduce pension cost and risk.

All we need to get started is a plan name – Contact Us.


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