BCG fulfillment services provide plan sponsors an alternative to the high prices many actuarial firms charge to prepare required notices and election packages for defined benefit plan terminations.

BCG’s team focuses on lump sum and plan termination de-risking activities. Our fulfillment services efficiently customizes standardized forms to fit most opportunities and our experienced call center works with lump sum windows and plan terminations, excelling at assisting participants with completion of forms. This specialization allows your administrator or actuary to focus on providing the necessary data, requiring actuarial fees only for actuarial work.

Services Features

  • Project Management and oversight, to help you keep focused on your day-to-day responsibilities
  • Standard set of notices and forms customized by project lead, for review and sign-off by sponsor and/or their designees (actuary, ERISA counsel, etc.)
  • Notice of Intent to Terminate package (includes Notice to Interested Parties, if determination letter sought).
  • Notice of Plan Benefits package
  • Election Forms and election window reminder letter
  • Goodbye letter
  • Participant Call Center
  • Election form processing, including defect letter and callout to participants to correct errors/omissions
  • Standardized lump sum payment and annuity data files from election
  • Automatic address search for any items returned by the post office
  • Web Portal for online real-time reporting and management
  • All original forms returned to plan sponsor at project close
  • PBGC post-termination audit support

Additional Services (additional fees apply)

  • Lump sum election window for in-pay participants
  • Supplemental Notice of Annuity Information
  • Pre-window recorded message call blast announcing upcoming window
  • Phone number research to accommodate call blast
  • Address search for population, prior to initial mailing
  • Multiple forms required to accommodate groups with special provisions
  • Election window extension
  • PDF creation of all returned participant forms
  • Custom election form (not based on BCG standard)
  • Additional data conversion/file submission
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“BCG’s Defined Benefit Plan Termination Fulfillment Services provides an enhanced comprehensive and customizable participant experience beyond required notices, with the flexibility to work with your existing providers, and relieving you of a majority of the administrative burden.”

David Geloran,
Senior Pension Consultant
BCG Pension Risk Consultants |
BCG Penbridge