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June 2020 - Volume 104, Edition 1

BCG Pension Risk Consultants Unveils New Corporate Brand and Website and Launches Customized Buyout Price Monitoring “CBPM” Service

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BRAINTREE, MA, June 2, 2020 — BCG Pension Risk Consultants, Inc., a leader in defined benefit risk mitigation services for nearly 40 years, today announced that effective immediately the firm will do business as BCG Pension Risk Consultants | BCG Penbridge (“BCG”) and with this announcement, the company released a new corporate brand identity and website. BCG also announced today a new Customized Buyout Price Monitoring “CBPM” service, which is delivered via an interactive client portal, and provides comprehensive monthly pension liability monitoring to support ongoing, informed plan sponsor decision making for the defined benefit plan cost management and de-risking processes.

“For over three decades, our dedication and focus on pension risk consulting and solution implementation has provided plan sponsors an integrated, one-stop solution for employers looking to address and manage the costs and risks involved in their pension programs,” said Mike Devlin, Founder and Principal of BCG. “Additions to staff and our acquisition of Penbridge Advisors two years ago have broadened and enhanced BCG services culminating today with announcement of our new company branding and website that demonstrates the unique scope of services that we now bring to clients and their advisors.”

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“Whether you’re a finance professional looking to address balance sheet pain, or an advisor advocating on behalf of a plan sponsor, BCG understands the particular challenges that shape and impact your decisions as a plan sponsor and plan fiduciary,” said Steve Keating, who founded Penbridge Advisors and is now Managing Director of BCG. “Our job is to provide you with independent, unbiased information and analysis, so that you are able to make informed and strategic decisions, putting you in control of the DB plan. Our new CBPM service empowers plan sponsors to continually measure their plan’s “Exit Liability” and other important liability measures, providing the information they need to navigate their plan’s de-risking journey.”

About BCG Pension Risk Consultants | BCG Penbridge

BCG specializes in assisting defined benefit plan sponsors with managing the costs and risks associated with their pension plans. Since 1983, BCG has successfully helped over 2,000 organizations achieve their pension de-risking goals. Our clients range from publicly-traded companies, to privately held firms, and include healthcare, banks and not-for-profit organizations. BCG helps clients with the full range of pension de-risking strategies from liability driven investing approaches to partial or full pension risk transfer, including navigating the complex and lengthy process of plan termination. BCG frequently works in collaboration with law firms, consulting actuaries, investment consultants, asset managers and financial advisors. BCG is headquartered in Braintree, MA with satellite offices across the US.

Customized Buyout Price Monitoring


BCG Pension Risk Consultants | BCG Penbridge (“BCG”) Customized Buyout Price Monitoring (“CBPM”) empowers plan sponsors and advisors to continually measure the “Exit Liability” of a defined benefit (“DB”) pension plan. The Exit Liability is the total cost a plan sponsor would be expected to pay via lump sum payments and annuities purchased as part of a plan termination. After paying the Exit liability, reporting of benefit obligations on a plan sponsor’s balance sheet ceases.

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Sample Interest Rates for a Pension Annuity Buyout
(Assumes no lump sums, disability, or unusual provisions)

Retirees (duration of 7) – 1.66%
Term Vesteds (duration of 10) – 1.88%
Actives (duration of 15) – 2.05%

Annuity Purchase Rates as of June 1, 2020