• Bridging the Pension Gap

    Bridging the Pension Gap

A Synopsis of U.S. Life Insurer Liquidity in Light of Recent Market Events

BRAINTREE, MA, March 15, 2022 — Due to considerable client interest in the liquidity of life insurance and annuity companies in the wake of regulatory actions against Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank of New York (SBNY) over the last several days, ALIRT Insurance Research published a paper titled, ‘Liquidity and Risks for Life Insurers.’ This paper highlights several substantial differences between banks and life insurance companies that result in materially lower liquidity risks for life insurers.

With ALIRT’s permission, BCG Pension Risk Consultants I BCG Penbridge is making this paper available on our website as a resource to our plan sponsor and advisor relationships should any questions arise on the implications of recent market events to the U.S. pension risk transfer market.

You can access ALIRT’s paper here.